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Environmental Commitment

Elldex is committed to providing sustainable packaging, with a variety of environmentally-friendly products that is recyclable and re-usable.

Elldex is an active member of the New Zealand Packaging Accord.

As a member of the New Zealand Packaging Council, Elldex is committed to meeting its obligations in recycling, and using sustainable resources to protect our Global Environment.

Elldex is actively working with our supply partners and customers in contributing towards improving the sustainability and environmentally friendly nature of our packaging products. Our manufacturing facilities is equipped with a recycling unit to process wastage into quality recycled material, which can be utilised when required by our customers.

What is the NZ Packaging Accord?

This is a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging development. The Accord is a voluntary industry and government initiative to make more sustainable use of packaging. For more information about New Zealand Packaging Accord, please visit:


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