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Supply Contingency

Security Of Supply

  • Elldex has a comprehensive business continuity programme designed to assure the integrity and continuity of supply.

Manufacturing Security

  • Elldex can also manufacture a wide range of products through our Christchurch manufacturing site at short lead-time requirements.
  • Most of our products can be manufactured by Elldex preferred manufacturing plants in China, Thailand and Malaysia.
  • Elldex procurement policy ensures there is product consistently in the supply chain, in production, on water or in warehouses at multiple locations throughout Australasia.
  • This provides natural protection against individual plant failure and breakdown – as well as in-built disaster recovery.

Financial Security

  • Elldex is backed by a robust balance sheet in its own right and the considerable resources of Hellaby Holdings Ltd.
  • Elldex has comprehensive insurance cover providing both resource replacement and business continuity.
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