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Quality Assurance Programme

Elldex practices a three-tier system of quality assurance in house and with all global suppliers …

TIER #1 - International quality management benchmarks
Elldex products are sourced from manufacturing plants across the globe that manufacture to ISO 9002 and ISO 14000 standards.
TIER #2 – International food safety benchmarks
Elldex global suppliers use FDA and SGS approved resin for manufacturing products. All suppliers are required to submit FDA certification documentation for all materials used.
TIER #3 – Elldex quality assurance programme
Elldex implements a strict quality assurance programme with all preferred suppliers with quality control procedures that include…
  • Manufacturing site audits
  • Detailed product and quality specifications
  • Product testing procedures
  • Product quality control reviews
  • Sample checks prior to shipping
  • Regular Production reports
  • Regular Quality control reports
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Quality Assurance
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